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Mediation & court

With a team that has experience ranging from 1-30 years we are well positioned to help and advise you on all family law issues related to mediation and court. This includes FDR mediation, guidance through the Family Court process, help through the 'Family Legal Assistance Scheme' and advice on legal aid.

FDR Mediation

Mediation and family courtRachael is our mediation specialist and is an accredited member of the NZ Law Society panel of mediators. She was regularly appointed by the Family Court to conduct mediations before the new FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) system was introduced and now convenes FDR mediations as an approved provider. She is also available for private mediations regarding children and relationship property. Her wealth of experience ensures you achieve the very best outcome possible from a difficult situation.

Family Court

With almost all family law issues, going to court is the last resort. If it is necessary in your case we have the expertise to guide you through the Family Court process and will advocate for you tirelessly.

In March 2014 the family court changed. In most cases involving children people will go through a compulsory family dispute resolution process (FDR), involving mediation and counselling before going to court. In these cases, unless there is urgency or issues of safety you will not be able to have a lawyer represent you in court to start with. Therefore getting good legal advice at the beginning will be essential, enabling you to fully understand and prepare for the mediation and court process. We can help you prepare the necessary court documents and continue to provide legal advice as your case progresses.

You are still able to have a lawyer represent you by right in other family court matters like relationship property, dissolution, CYFS cases, adoption and family protection among others.

Legal Aid

If you are eligible for legal aid we can provide you with advice on family law matters.


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