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With a team that has experience ranging from 1-30 years we are well positioned to help and advise you on all property conveyancing issues. So have a look below and find the specific area that relates to your issue and then get in touch...


Conveyancing - Rachael Dewar Law“Conveyancing” is the technical term for the transfer of ownership or interest in property from one person or entity to another, for example when you buy, sell, or refinance your home.

Conveyancing can be a complex process, which is why your real estate agent will recommend that you get legal advice before you sign an agreement for sale and purchase, and why the bank (in a refinance) sends documents to your lawyer first.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance, please contact Kusum at

You can also read the New Zealand Law Society’s Guide to Buying or Selling a Property.


We are experienced in all aspects of conveyancing.  We will be there to help at every stage whether you are a first home buyer withdrawing Kiwisaver and applying for the HomeStart grant, or an experienced property investor.

We can help you complete an agreement for sale and purchase, including drafting a clause that will allow you to walk away from the contract if it turns out that the house has been used as a “p-lab”.


We can help you whether you are selling privately or through a real estate agent.  Whether you need a title search, assistance putting together a property pack for prospective purchasers or need the auction terms of sale reviewed, we can help.


When you change banks, you need to discharge your current mortgage and register a new mortgage in favour of your new bank.  Depending on the amount you are borrowing, your new bank may offer you a cash incentive, to cover the legal costs involved in updating the title to your property.

Retirement villages

Buying an “occupation right” to a retirement village is quite different to buying a house. For example:

  • you do not get a “title” to your property;
  • the retirement village operator usually takes the capital gains;
  • if your health deteriorates, the village operator may ask you to leave.

It is therefore very important that everyone thinking of buying into a retirement village gets legal advice before making a final decision.

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