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Relationship property

With a team that has experience ranging from 1-30 years we are well positioned to help and advise you on all relationship property legal issues. So have a look below and find the specific area that relates to your issue and then get in touch...

Relationship Property Agreements

Realtionship Property - Rachael Dewar LawUsually relationship property, what used to be called matrimonial property, is divided equally but there are some very important exceptions. Take advantage of our many years of experience dealing with all aspects of this area including property owned by family trusts and the division of business assets. 

Call upon our prompt and realistic advice to help you negotiate the very best result and allow you to focus on the future.

Contracting Out Agreements

These agreements are often referred to as ‘pre-nups’ and have become very popular. Many couples are deciding to have things in place just in case life does not quite go according to plan. They are not only useful for new relationships but for those who have been together for a while as well. We will tell you how the law stands at present and show you how a ‘Contracting Out Agreement’ can safeguard your property for you and your children, within existing and previous relationships.

We would suggest the sooner the better as you would be surprised at how quickly a new partner becomes entitled to half your property.

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